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Have you used an Umbrella Company in the last six years?

If you have chosen, or been required, to use an umbrella company, you may be entitled to reclaim thousands of pounds. (Note: claims are normally subject to a six year time limit.) Umbrella Reclaim© has been set up by McFaddens LLP, a City of London firm of solicitors, as a claims portal for contractors whose salary/wages have suffered unlawful deductions made by their umbrella company.

Why choose Umbrella Reclaim?

PPI claims were underwritten by the institutions responsible for the losses (such as the banks) and mainly handled by claims management companies. A claim against an umbrella company, which has unlawfully deducted Employers NIC’s and Apprenticeship Levy, will almost certainly require court action. Umbrella Reclaim© have the legal expertise to represent you, and others like you, as a part of a group claim.

Benefit 1

Umbrella Reclaim© is a trading name of a regulated firm of solicitors, McFaddens LLP, which has extensive experience in employment law and litigation.

Benefit 2

Umbrella Reclaim© has engaged accountants with extensive practical knowledge of the umbrella company scandal, to assist in reviewing and identifying the claims, and provide reports, at no cost to you.

Benefit 3

If you were to make a separate, individual claim against your umbrella company(ies), which you are, of course, at liberty to do, you may well consider that you would need to engage your own lawyers to handle the matter for you, all the costs of whom you alone would have to pay. If your claim were to be brought in the courts (and not the Employment Tribunals) and unsuccessful there is a strong possibility that the court would order you to pay the costs of the umbrella company, as the winning party. So-called after-the-event insurance may be available but, if you are part of a group, its cost would be spread amongst all the members of the group.

Reasons to Join

Our investigations have revealed that it has been a common practice for umbrella companies to make unlawful deductions, such as employer’s NICs, Apprenticeship Levy and holiday pay. By registering your interest with Umbrella Reclaim© you will have the opportunity to become part of a group, amongst whose members the costs of recovery of such deductions would be spread.

You are, of course free to pursue a claim by yourself. To do so, you would be well-advised to engage lawyers to pursue your claim. If you have worked for multiple umbrella companies, you would have to pursue each one individually, which would multiply your costs.

Umbrella Reclaim will charge you on a no-win/no-fee basis, that is by way of a success fee of 25% (plus VAT) of the amount recovered for you.

Joining a group action claim reduces your costs and exposure.